Throwing a great party is all about the right venue. When you live in a place like Sky Condos, with access to a party room, why not take advantage of it? Having a party at a venue outside your home already makes the party planning less stressful, but how can you make it a memorable event and still enjoy yourself? Sit down, grab yourself a mimosa, and consider these ideas.


Having a creative, fun theme for your party sets the tone and makes it easier for you to choose decorations and food to go along with the theme. An ‘80s party or summer luau are simple and easy. If those have been done in your circle of friends, try a Mexican fiesta with margaritas and mariachi music. You can make your theme interactive, such as planning a Murder Mystery Party, Clue-style. Or if your group of friends likes to read, host a book exchange, which is a nice twist on the classic book club.  

Guest List and Invitations

Some would say the most important part of a party is the people. Think about the type of event you want to have first. Are you looking for a small, intimate gathering of friends that already know each other? Or do you want a larger bash where people can make new friends? If you are looking for a larger group, invite a variety of people from different generations and walks of life to spark stimulating conversations. Make sure you keep lots of open space in your function room so guests can mingle.

Decide whether you want to send invitations by mail or online. There is nothing quite like receiving a party invitation in the mail to build excitement. However, it’s a bit easier and totally acceptable to send online invitations and keep track of RSVPs with a site like Evite.


Don’t let the menu drag you (or your party) down. Why not include some do-it-yourself options for your guests? This way, your friends can create exactly the drink concoction, pizza, or dessert that will satisfy their taste buds. Plus, it frees you up from being the combo bartender, cook, and pastry chef all evening. For a self-service bar, just set out drinks, liquors, mixers, cherries, and festive drink umbrellas or toothpicks. For a mini pizza bar, simply set out English muffins, sauce, cheese, and other toppings. You can either preheat the muffins or have your guests toast them in a toaster oven. For a dessert bar, set out plain cupcakes or sugar cookies and colorful icings, sprinkles, candies, and chocolate chips to decorate them. Or prepare a chocolate fondue bar with various dippers, such as bananas and graham crackers.

Another way to keep the food simple, yet satisfying, is to serve several hor d’oeuvres instead of a full-on meal. If you keep them simple, they don’t have to take all your time away from mingling with your guests. You can buy pre-made ones at the market, or throw together fresh ingredients such as cherry tomatoes and basil. Assemble a cheese and fruit tray or use a lazy Susan to arrange nuts, veggies, and dips for an easy food spread that’s also pleasing to the eye.


Prepare as much as possible the day before and decorate the function room if you can. On party day, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to set up the food and the space, as well as get yourself ready. You want to greet your guests without stressing over the fact that you forgot to dress the part. Relax and have fun! With all the planning you put into this party, you want to partake in the celebration, too!

What are you waiting for? Reserve the function room and get your next party started!

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