Saunas are becoming more and more popular – but not just for relaxation.

Studies suggest that sweating it out in the sauna on a regular basis can promote a longer, healthier, and happier life. Although saunas provide a great daily wellness practice, in the U.S., they are usually only found at gyms and health centers. But that’s starting to change.

Here at Sky, we want our residents to enjoy the many advantages of this relaxing ritual, which is why a state-of-the-art sauna is among our luxury amenities. Still not convinced that you should use it? Read on to discover 5 incredible health benefits you could gain from just a few minutes in our sauna today.

1. Uncover Younger-Looking Skin

Everyone wants youthful, glowing skin. But before you consider taking any drastic steps, why not visit the sauna first?

The sauna makes you sweat, which cleanses the skin, wipes away dead skin cells, and reveals newer, younger-looking skin. By boosting circulation to the skin, a sauna session will leave it looking softer as well. Dr. Lawrence Wilson, author of Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing, believes that the sauna also aids in the reproduction of collagen. This helps keep skin strong, improves its elasticity, and decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  

2. Relieve Stress

There is nothing like feeling wrapped in a blanket of warmth to ease stress and leave the troubles of the world behind.  

The heat of the sauna relaxes muscles and releases endorphins to make you happy. Visiting the sauna is also intended to be a social activity. Unwinding and talking with your friends amplifies the stress-relieving qualities of the sauna, creating an all-round experience that is sure to improve your mental and emotional health.

3. Soothe Aching Muscles and Joints

Saunas are typically found in gyms because they can ease muscle soreness after a workout. This is because they reduce lactic acid and other toxins found in the body. But the heat doesn’t only help with muscle aches.

When you’re sitting in a sauna, your body temperature rises, which increases circulation. As well as accelerating the healing process in exercised muscles, sore joints will also feel an improvement. If you suffer from joint problems, a daily visit to the sauna could help take the edge off, especially on a colder day when your joints feel stiffer.

4. Flush Out Toxins

No matter how healthy your lifestyle, you will encounter many environmental pollutants throughout the day without realizing it.  

Sweating in the sauna is a great way to flush out these toxins. If done on a regular basis, this can boost your immunity, leaving you feeling even healthier. According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute, an average person perspires about a quart of sweat per day. This is the same amount of sweat produced in just 15 minutes inside a sauna, which goes to show what a great daily detoxification a sauna session can be.

5. Improve Heart Health

Sauna usage helps to condition the cardiovascular system, much like a cardio session at the gym. Research shows that heart rates increase by 30% or more while in the sauna, and often dip below average after cooling off outside the sauna. These changes in heart rate help to regulate and condition the heart.

Using a sauna can also help reduce heart disease. One study determined that men who visited the sauna three times a week were 27% less at risk of heart disease, with men visiting the sauna on a daily basis becoming 50% less at risk.

Saunas can be a real asset to your health, but check with a physician before starting any kind of sauna regimen. Always drink a lot of water before, during, and after a session to prevent overheating.

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