If you’re seeking healthy indulgence, 2017’s trendsetting spa treatments are going to have you feeling your best in no time at all. This year is all about returning to our roots and looking inwards to achieve our most natural outer glow. Read on to discover today’s 5 must-try treatments.

1. Ancient Wisdom

More and more spas are now celebrating the holistic side of wellness by treating the mind, body and soul. To incorporate all three aspects, many spas are introducing new treatments and practitioners, including Shamanic healers who offer sound healing, energy work, and smudging, a practice of burning traditional herbs. Other popular spas like Canyon Ranch Spa Club offer treatments from the Ayurvedic tradition. The Shirodhara treatment has the guest enter a light state of meditation as a stream of warm, herb-infused oil is poured over the third eye, and Indian balancing bowls are used to soothe the feet.

2. Local Infusion

Unlike past trends toward themed spas that transport you to another land, 2017 boasts spa experiences infused with the local climate, culture, and traditions. From using ingredients found naturally in the surrounding ecosystem, to traditional practices local to the indigenous people of the land, many spa options allow you to experience your environment in a whole new way. The Sahra Spa & Hammam offers an aromatherapy massage that uses the oils of the signature Desert Rose to help heighten relaxation and melt away tension, while also helping you find oneness with the area.

3. Indulgent Learning

Now you can learn how to take your spa experience home with you. Most spas have been selling the products they use in their treatments for years, but with the prominence of natural and organic market, spas now recognize that many clients are interested in knowing what their lotions, scrubs and creams are actually made of. Next time you’re booking your stay at the spa, inquire if there are any classes being offered. Perhaps after receiving a treatment with a Himalayan salt scrub you will be able to make your own to recreate the experience at home.

4. All Together Now

When most of us think of attending a summer festival, detoxifying isn’t likely to be the first thing that comes to mind. However, as wellness and spa trends shift, more and more festivals are embracing and actually focusing on mind-body health. By providing activities like yoga, guided meditation, fire ceremonies, as well as a vegan or raw diet, wellness festivals offer it all. Some even include an option to stay in a luxury suite, making the experience more comparable to a resort visit rather than a music festival. With festivals like Wunderlust and Bhakti Fest becoming the go-to for health-focused seekers, you may choose to trade your next spa visit for a wellness festival.

5. Healing Waters

If you’re ready to experience ultimate luxury, and aren’t prone to seasickness, consider booking a cruise that boasts an on-board spa. Today’s floating hotels offer a wide array of treatments and wellness services as well as healthy cuisine, serene guest rooms and active programming when docked. Costa’s Samsara Spa is two-storeys of lavish Asian-inspired design, complete with a thalassotherapy pool, meditation rooms, and a Japanese tea room used as the last stop of each spa visit. Using water has been a part of the human experience throughout history, so there is perhaps nothing more relaxing than enjoying a hot tub soak while aboard a ship cruising on the ocean.

Whether you prefer your spa visit to be more traditional or more adventurous, there is something to suit everyone. If you’re looking to feel restored, relaxed and refreshed, these 5 spa trends are not to be missed. The only question that remains is, which one will you try first?