There are plenty of compelling reasons to live in a luxurious high-rise condo. Great views, prime locations, and amenities — what more could a resident want? For many people, the incredible amenities are the biggest part of the draw when it comes to selecting a condo. At Sky, we offer not just a fantastic home, but a quality of life upgrade, from delightful pools to gym access to outdoor grills — and more!

However, in the competitive condo market, some businesses have taken a step beyond opulence into the realm of “outrageously luxurious” with their amenity offerings. From private jets to Feng Shui parks, here are some of the most over-the-top amenities on the market today.

1. Market Square Tower’s “Sky Pool”

Everyone loves a great pool. Sky offers its very own resort-style pool where residents can cool off after a long day at work. However, the Market Square Tower in Houston has taken this concept to the next level, with a glass-bottom pool 42 floors above the ground.

The pool’s plexiglass base extends ten feet over the edge of the building, providing nerve-racking views of the streets below. Even if you’re not afraid of heights, you’re sure to feel a little overwhelmed floating so far away from the concrete below.

2. Porsche Design Tower’s Car Elevator

Can’t bear the thought of leaving your precious Porsche parked in a secure garage? Porsche’s “Design Tower” in Miami has the solution for you. Whether you live on the first floor or the fifty-first, you can bring your car with you and park it right outside of your door, thanks to a handy vehicle elevator.

The tower is still awaiting construction, but it’s also planning a host of other amenities alongside the private car elevator, including virtual car racing simulators, oceanfront spas, and much more. In our opinion, it’s still the car lift capable of moving at 600 feet per minute that really sets this concept apart.

3. Waterline Square’s Club and Skate Park

Designed by leading architects Kohn Pedersen Fox, Richard Meier, and Rafael Vinoly, Waterline Square is a trio of buildings, each with their own selection of outrageous perks. For instance, alongside your typical pool and spa, you also get a dog training studio, and a shared amenity space called the “Waterline Club.”

The Waterline Club features an indoor tennis court, art and music studio, basketball court, 30-foot rock climbing wall, and of course, an indoor skate park. If all that isn’t enough, there’s also a gardening studio and indoor soccer field.

4. 111 Murray Street’s Private Jet

Sick of having to drive to work every morning? Why not enjoy a private jet ride instead? The 111 Murray Street Condo in New York delivers a private jet concierge experience — that is, if you don’t mind spending around $125,000 for every 25 hours of flight time you use.

If you have the cash to spare, the condo will provide your very own “SkyCard” access pass, which gives you the freedom to enjoy 13,500 aircrafts and helicopters around the world. While the service might seem a little pricey, it’s a lot cheaper than sourcing your private jet elsewhere.

5. Paramount Miami World Center’s Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui is a pretty big deal to a lot of interior designers and homeowners alike. Followers believe that the way they arrange their furniture can determine how successful, happy, and healthy they are in their day-to-day lives. Thanks to the global appeal of this Chinese system for harmonious living, the Paramount Miami World Center decided to add a Feng Shui consultant to the building. Residents can receive advice on the best way to decorate their condos and never lose a wink of sleep over bad vibes again.

6. 525W52’s Sports Simulators

When it comes to staying fit, how do you feel about enjoying all your favorite sports within the comfort of your luxury apartment? The sports simulator equipment at 525 West 52nd Street is the latest cutting-edge technology intended to immerse you in playing golf, basketball, or soccer — all without having to step outside of your condo.

A partnership with LIVunLtd also means that residents of 525W52 will also have access to fun treats like helicopter rides, Oktoberfest parties, and tickets to the U.S. Open finals. Talk about lagniappe!  

Amenities are a great way to add a little something extra to your condo experience. However, if you’re the kind of person who can’t see yourself using a Feng Shui consultant and don’t have the money to spend on a private jet commute to work, Sky’s incredible selection of proven extras probably has just what you need. Our amenities are designed to suit our resident’s lifestyles, from outdoor grills to your own private theatre.

Want to explore our amenities for yourself? Contact us today! There aren’t many units left!