A life in Las Vegas is ideal for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

The City of Sin offers endless ways to party, mingle, and indulge in a little luxury. And while there’s plenty of opportunities to sip cocktails in a local bar or casino, one of the benefits of living on the Strip is that you can host your own high-class soirees.

Here at Sky, we know that an unforgettable wine-tasting event requires more than a few bottles of wine. Our 6 steps will ensure you and your guests expand your knowledge of wine, awaken your senses, and enjoy a stylish evening together.

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Venue

The venue you choose for your wine-tasting event will set the tone for the night. Fortunately, your high-rise home at Sky is the ideal place for any party, thanks to the elegant decor, generous spaciousness, and state-of-the-art amenities. Newbie wine-tasters may also be more comfortable keeping their first wine-tasting event more intimate and within the familiarity of their own home.

If you’re hoping to host a wine-tasting extravaganza, why not take advantage of the Sky function room? This stylish area promises elegant comfort for larger groups, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Step 2: Select Flavors for a Theme

Once you know where your guests will gather, it’s time to choose the wine. If you’re not an expert, choosing five bottles or fewer is usually a good idea, as too many flavors can overwhelm the palate. While it’s fine to mix whites and reds, you should serve them from lightest to darkest, as red wines linger on the tongue for longer.

For a simple theme, select wines that come from a specific region, such as Napa, or Tuscany. Alternatively, you can theme your wines according to style, vintage, or price. You can even taste white wines in summer, and red wines in the winter. Ask your guests what they’d prefer, or choose a collection of wines that you’ve been hoping to try.

Step 3: Invest in the Right Accessories

The right accessories can go a long way at a wine-tasting party. Most importantly, you’ll need glassware. A single glass for each guest is usually fine, but make sure that they have long stems so the guests can avoid warming the wine with their hands. Similarly, the glasses should be clear to display the color of the liquid.

Other accessories you’ll need on hand include:

  • A spit bucket for guests who’d rather not get tipsy
  • Corkscrews
  • An ice bucket to save trips to the refrigerator
  • White tablecloths and napkins to help your guests see the color profiles of each wine
  • A tasting grid
  • An aerator or decanter
  • Cups of water to keep guests hydrated

Step 4: Consider Palate Cleansers

Ideally, you shouldn’t be eating full meals during a wine tasting. That means you should decide in advance whether you’re going to eat before or after the party. It’s a good idea to have small appetizers and palate cleansers available too to help prevent over-intoxication.

Depending on how adventurous you feel, you could research how different flavors and sugars interact with wines. For instance, creamy foods and bitter foods can bring out different flavors. Alternatively, you can stick to simple bread and crackers so that you don’t overwhelm your guests with too many taste sensations.

Step 5: Prepare Your Guests

The great thing about a home on the sunny Strip, is that you can host a wine-tasting party at any time of the year. But there are a few considerations you may want to make when choosing a time for your event.

Because wine tastings aren’t accompanied by full meals, pick a time of day when your guests aren’t going to be too hungry. For instance, invite them around 4:00 p.m., when they won’t be looking forward to dinner, or around 9:00 p.m. when they’ve already enjoyed their evening meal.

In your invitations you should also inform your guests not to wear any scented lotions or perfumes that might drown out the aromas of the wine. After all, you want everyone to get the most out of your wine-tasting party.

Step 6: Take a Sip

As a rule, you should refrigerate red wines about 30 minutes before your guests arrive so they can be served cool, and take whites and roses out a few minutes before pouring.

When you serve the different wines, remember that with every glass you and your guests should:

  • Look at the color palate of the wine
  • Swirl the liquid to help release the different scents
  • Sip carefully, holding the wine in your mouth to coat your tongue
  • Draw a breath between your teeth and savor the flavors

These observations can be noted down and followed by a lively discussion before introducing the next wine.


With the right space, wine choices, and accessories, you’re ready to host a sophisticated wine-tasting event with good company.

Put your beautiful Sky Condo to the test today with a wine-centered gathering following these 6 steps.