The glow of the Nevada desert on the skyline, soaring buildings, and flashing neon signs — it’s easy to see why Vegas is a must-visit destination. If you’ve ever seen a commercial featuring gentlemen in loose bow-ties, watching the sun come up with a glass of champagne on the strip, you’ve probably dreamt about a “Guys day” in Sin City.

While plenty of people spend years planning the perfect night out in Vegas — perhaps for a birthday or stag night, living on the strip means that you can host extraordinary experiences every weekend. For residents of Las Vegas, planning an unforgettable night on the town couldn’t be easier. After all, in Sin City, entertainment has no limits. Here, excitement lingers in the air, ready to inhale at every opportunity.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best things you can do in this amazing city when you want the ultimate day out with the guys.

1. Place Your Bets at a World-Famous Casino

When you’re living in Las Vegas, a night on the town is the perfect excuse to hit the tables. From Caesar’s Palace — the icon of Vegas decadence — to the Bellagio where you can see some of the world’s top players in action, there are plenty of ways to make spending money a little more exciting. It might be a good idea to set a cash, or time limit before you go, however — to avoid blowing your budget too early.

2. Grab Tickets to a Show

Whether you’re interested in watching some of the world’s most famous musicians at the T-Mobile Arena, you’d prefer to show your colors at a sports tournament, or you simply want to enjoy one of Vegas’s unique range of entertainment options, there’s plenty of fun just a short walk away. From the Blue Man Group, to Penn & Teller, and of course, Cirque du Soleil, there’s something for everyone. Why not consider taking in a show through the day, before heading out on the town for drinks at night?

3. Eat and Drink Like Rock stars

The food in Las Vegas is incredible. No matter how long you spend living here, it seems as though you can find a new favorite dish from a world-renowned chef every other week. For a guy’s day, the perfect choice could be a simple steak dinner. There are plenty of great restaurants and steakhouses waiting to cook up a mouth-watering cut exactly the way you like it. Why not schedule a trip to The Golden Steer, known for serving Sinatra, Elvis, and DiMaggio, and enjoy a cool, smoky scotch with your meal?

4. Get a New Style

Life in Vegas is all about luxury. When you’re living in high-rise apartments, looking out over the glittering world below, you need to make sure that you’re dressed your best. Fortunately, Vegas has some of the most incredible stores in the world, including “STITCHED“, a lifestyle company where you can schedule an appointment every season to update your wardrobe with a ready-to-wear collection. For an unforgettable day, there’s nothing quite like grabbing the latest fashion and strolling through the strip looking — and feeling — like a million dollars.

5. Unwind with a Spa Experience

Speaking of looking and feeling great — it’s worth remembering that spas aren’t just for the women in your life. Whether you want to treat the guys to a quick massage to help them get over the hangover that’s brewing from the night before, or you just want to feel incredible in time for an expensive show, there are plenty of fabulous spas to help you unwind and relax. In fact, at Sky Condos, we have a spa for our residents. In Vegas, there’s nothing unusual about visiting a spa with your friends for a sauna, shave or a quick pampering session. Here, everyone gets to indulge.

6. Start Your Engines

If you and your friends love fast cars, then how about spending a day behind the wheel of some of the most prolific sports vehicles on the market today? If you’re just looking for a day of excitement, you can schedule a full event experience, where you can drive up to fifteen exotic cars in a single day. Find out what it feels like to sit behind the wheel of a McLaren 570S, or Ferrari 430 Scuderia, without breaking your bank account. On the other hand, if you feel like something a little more long-term, you can learn how to drive a Lamborghini or Porsche like a professional, and even earn your Pro SCCA license!

The Night or Day of Your Life

Las Vegas is incredible at offering its visitors and residents a new and exciting experience every night. Whether you just want to unwind on the weekend after a rough week at work, or you want to pull out all the stops, Vegas has something that’s sure to blow you away.