There’s really no place like home, and that’s especially true when you reside at Sky Condos.

Beyond close proximity to the strip, where you can enjoy a night out on the town or attend a show, Sky also offers everything you need to have a lovely evening at home. No traffic, queues, or throngs of people at Sky — only luxury living.

There’s a notion that being a homebody gets boring fast, but at Sky, there are so many amenities and activities that staying in could be just as fun as going out. Here are 6 ways to treat yourself at Sky Condos without having to leave the comfort of the condo.

Hit the Gym

Working out may not sound like a treat — but trust us on this one. Treating yourself includes self care, and sometimes that means putting in a little hard work for the amazing benefits. In fact, there are many short-term and long-term advantages of exercise: it can make you happier, keep you fit, reduce your risk of chronic disease, and even help you sleep.

At Sky, exercising is even easier thanks to our state-of-the-art fitness center. We have the latest in-app and Bluetooth-enabled training equipment to help you keep your workouts on track. And if you don’t have a plan yet, don’t worry! You can use our fitness center to get started on creating an effective fitness routine. You’ll be amazed at the difference in yourself after treating your body to some good old-fashioned exercise.

Take a Dip in the Pool

Our resort-style pool is one of our most popular amenities, and for good reason: it’s classic rest and relaxation under the Vegas sun. Unwind with a leisurely paddle, or get your blood moving with an aquatic workout or vigorous laps.

And the pool itself is just part of the total package — don’t forget about the jacuzzi, cabanas outfitted with WiFi and televisions, and grills for serious barbecuing. All of these amenities will make it feel like you’re away on vacation, when you’re really right at home in your own backyard.

Play Some Sports

If you fancy a physical activity that doubles as a social one, you might want to try the onsite racquetball court.

Racquetball affords a fantastic workout and a great way to spend time with friends — or make new ones! At Sky, the racquetball court is for residents only, so there’s never much of a wait. Chances are if you’re having trouble finding someone to play with, you’ll be able to find a neighbor to challenge in no time.

Sweat it Out in the Steam Room or Sauna

After a workout, a swim, or a game of racquetball, you’re just about ready to hit the showers, but why not first consider a trip to the steam room or sauna?

Even if you haven’t been exercising, the benefits of steam rooms and saunas are worth a visit. They loosen your muscles, open your pores, and contribute to overall relaxation. Steam rooms are wonderful for remedying chest congestion, and their moisture levels mean they’re gentle on dry skin. Saunas, on the other hand, are better for people with asthma or arthritis for whom humidity is irksome.

Fortunately, at Sky, you don’t have to choose between the two since we have the best of both worlds!

Plan a Party

How are you feeling after all that exercise? The physical activity has probably boosted your endorphins and now you’re ready to share the good vibes. Why not plan a party?

Sky has a top-of-the-line function room, equipped with stylish decor, state-of-the-art appliances, billiards tables, and other entertainment. If it’s nice out, there’s no reason not to take the party out to the pool and the cabanas to do some grilling.

Start thinking of what you’d like the party to include and send out the invites. A party is the perfect way to treat yourself and your friends, while you’re at it.

Unwind in the Theater

If a nice, quiet afternoon or evening is what you think of when you hear, “Guilty pleasure,” then this last option is probably right up your alley: a personal movie night. Sky has a fully equipped projection room to serve as your own personal theater, from screen classics to the newest action flicks, or  maybe that art film you’ve been meaning to see.

Whatever your version of treating yourself, there’s bound to be an amenity at Sky to serve you. At Sky, our mission is to create a life of luxury, a little oasis, amidst the bustle of the Strip.