Discover your very own exclusive tropical sanctuary, hidden among the lights and thrills of the Las Vegas strip.

When you live at Sky Las Vegas luxury condos, this sanctuary exists just a few steps from your front door. Our resort-style pool and jacuzzi has been carefully constructed with peace and serenity in mind. The perfect way to relax after a long day, our residents can feel the water lap against their skin, as they soak up the golden rays of the Nevada sunshine.

Sometimes, all you need to revitalize your senses and refresh your mind is an afternoon sitting by the pool, in your own private refuge. Grab your favorite book, a plush poolside towel, and allow yourself to float within the crystal-clear waters as you embrace your very own slice of heaven. On the other hand, why not get social and invite your friends and family to join you in your personal cabana, equipped with television and Wi-Fi connections? Our first-class pool area offers plenty of opportunity for social gatherings, or those much-needed slices of “me-time.”

This isn’t your average luxury condo with a private pool — it’s a true taste of indulgence.

Enjoy Our Resort-Style Pool and Jacuzzi

Living in your own Las Vegas luxury condo is about more than just the top-grade appliances and marble tile inside your home — it’s also about the rich environment surrounding your home. When you step outside your front door, and have all the finest amenities for wellness at your fingertips, you know you’ve reached the high life.

Soothe your muscle stress after a day of work, by turning up the heat in one of our premium jacuzzi facilities, while you sip on tastebud-tingling cocktail and watch the sunset on the Nevada skyline.

Listen to the perfect summertime tunes, interspersed with the laughter and voices of your local community, while you take in the scent of sizzling steaks at your individual stainless-steel gas barbeque.

Or, simply dip your toes into the crystal-clear waters of our resort-style pools, and enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D.

When you’re done enjoying your poolside reprieve, wash away any leftover stress (or sunscreen) in our sun-kissed outdoor shower facilities, before heading indoors to enjoy the functions & billiards room. If physical activity is more your style, pick up a game of racquetball in your own private court. Our Las Vegas luxury condos embrace the value of amazing experiences.

Your Own Las Vegas Oasis

At Sky Condos, we combine the spectacular views of the Nevada landscape, with everything you could need for a true taste of the luxury Las Vegas lifestyle. Our resort style pool and jacuzzi form a private oasis for our residents — a unique getaway amid the hustle and bustle of the eclectic Vegas culture.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere special to unwind after a long week, or a refreshing way to expand your exercise regime, Sky Condos has the amenities to suit you. From our advanced fitness center, where you can get your blood pumping with our App/Bluetooth enabled cardio equipment, to our landscaped pool deck, where you can unwind with your local community, Sky offers you the affluent lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Our Las Vegas luxury condos come with everything you need to uncover the beauty and splendor of the high-life on the strip. Contact us today to check availability for our incredible range of Las Vegas high-life condos. Get in touch at or (702) 750-1092