Pre-Furnished Units at Sky Condos

Once you have set your sights on purchasing a luxury condo home at Sky Condos, it’s time to envision what your new home will look like. But what if you don’t have a clear vision for your interior design yet? Or, you’re dreading how much effort it will take to furnish an empty condo to [...]

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The Latest Update on the Fontainebleau Project

After years of changing hands and renewing plans, the Fontainebleau has been called an eyesore, a “towering monument to the recession,” and a “735-foot memorial to misplaced hopes” – but not for long, if developer Steve Witkoff and the New Valley investment firm have anything to say about it. At Sky Condos, we’ve kept close [...]

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Top Weekend Trips You Can Take From Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas has its share of perks, from the world-class entertainment to the access to famous chefs, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the Greater Southwest region. When the ringing of slot machines and flashing neon lights have you craving a temporary change of scenery, there are plenty of places you can [...]

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5 Best Las Vegas Bars for Locals

The big-name musical residencies on the Strip are one of the perks of being a Las Vegan, but the throngs of tourists bellying up to the bars outside the venue… not so much. Fortunately, as a Las Vegas local, you have plenty of off-the-Strip options where you can find good drinks and even better company [...]

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Best Golf Courses in the Las Vegas Area

Golf might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Las Vegas, but Sin City has firmly established itself as an international golfing destination. With nearly 50 courses spread across the greater metro area, there’s something for every budget and ability, and plenty of gorgeous scenery to boot. At Sky [...]

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4 Ski Getaways Near Las Vegas

Desert living in Las Vegas has its perks, not the least of which is the live entertainment year-round and snowless roads come January. Yet the opportunity to escape the city for a taste of mountain life can lure even the most dedicated Las Vegan toward higher ground. Whether you’re a new skier or ready to [...]

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7 Things to Do in the Up-and-Coming Arts District

It may have begun with a coffee renaissance, but the revitalization of the Arts District has continued with much, much more. The neighborhood, close to downtown, is making a steady march toward becoming the trendiest neighborhood in Las Vegas. The Arts District is welcoming new restaurants and bars while maintaining its independent spirit, allowing its [...]

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6 Ways to Make the Most of Winter in Las Vegas

It’s that perfect time of year again. After scorching summer months and a fiery fall, the City of Sin has transformed into a warm and welcoming winter retreat ideal for exciting outdoor exploration. From nature hikes and water sports to helicopter flights, here are six ways to get outside and discover the best that Nevada [...]

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How to Spend the Holidays in Las Vegas

Vegas might not be the ideal place to experience a white Christmas, but it's still home to plenty of festive magic. As a city known for its extravagant scenery and twinkling lights, Las Vegas offers a holiday celebration unlike anywhere else. By now, you'll notice things beginning to get a little more colorful on the [...]

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5 Fantastic New Las Vegas Restaurants to Try

Forget the all-you-can-eat buffets and the yard-long drinks — Las Vegas is a regular smorgasbord of exquisite dishes, innovative confections, and exciting eateries. Some of the most talented chefs in the world find themselves called to the city of neon lights. The desert sends up a siren song to the culinary-minded, and Las Vegans reap [...]

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