Spring is all about renewal, refreshment, and reinvigoration. This season might inspire you to spring clean your condo, but why not take the opportunity to freshen up your overall decor, as well?

If you need some new ideas for how to brighten up your living space this spring, try tapping into the latest decor trends. From bold color palettes to innovative pieces, we’ve assembled some of the best tips for turning heads at your home in 2018.

Metallic Accents

Using metallic materials may very well be the trend of the year, and there’s no shortage of ways to work luxurious metal details into your condo.

Use copper furniture, like end tables, to add a warm yet classy touch to your living room. Incorporate brass fittings in your bathroom as an unexpected alternative to stainless steel. You can even introduce small metallic accents throughout your home in the form of metal photo frames and light fittings.

Geometric Patterns

While you may already be familiar with this popular trend, interior designers are giving geometric patterns a new twist this spring.

In the past, geometric patterns were seen on Aztec-inspired linens or accent pillows throughout the home. Today, the trend quite literally hangs from the rafters. Geometric-patterned wallpaper is all the rage, but that doesn’t mean you need to wallpaper your condo to keep up with this trend. Inject some style into your home and hang larger-than-life geometric prints or paintings for an easy, fashionable statement.

Bold Typography

When it comes to modern decor, nothing speaks louder than words – and bold block-letter words of wisdom will do the trick nicely.

Lean towards short words or phrases that will brighten your spirits and give you a confidence boost, even after a rough day at the office. Move beyond over-used words like “dream” and “gratitude” and find what really motivates you. Be sure to embrace bold colors to turn your favorite statement into a serious statement piece.


This Japanese trend is all about finding beauty in imperfection, and it’s an authentic yet effective style of decor for a functional home.

When it comes to choosing wabi-sabi-style pieces for your condo, go with artisanal items like hand-thrown bowls and individually painted plates — instead of run-of-the-mill ornaments and plain dishware sets. These unique items may not look like perfect, off-the-rack products, but that’s exactly the point. Your condo will be totally unique as a result.

Indoor Plants

Bring the best of the outdoors inside with plants — but do it with style.

Skip the cliché, beige clay pots and opt instead for containers with bold colors and patterns for plenty of flair. Choose a variety of types and sizes of plants, so they can work across your entire condo; on your living room table, on your balcony, and even hanging from your windows.

An Option for Every Condo

Whether you’re looking for quick inspiration that’ll liven up your condo or you want to make a more drastic change that’ll impress your family and friends, these spring design trends are your keys to success this season.

Refreshing your existing decor and furniture is often more manageable than starting from scratch with a brand new, empty condo. Fortunately, at Sky Condos, we’ve got you covered. We offer pre-furnished units with a modern decor that blends seamlessly with the spectacular desert surroundings of Las Vegas. You’ll be able to welcome guests as soon as you arrive in your luxury condo, while still being able to add your own personal touches — whether you’re a wabi-sabi enthusiast, a typography buff, or a geometric pattern fanatic.

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