Summer is now in full swing, which means it’s the perfect time to host an incredible BBQ. Nothing says summertime like a gathering of friends and family, hot dogs and hamburgers, and poolside drinks and conversation. At Sky Condos in Las Vegas, we have everything you need for an unforgettable outdoor celebration — from beautiful views overlooking the Vegas strip to a selection of amenities designed to make hosting and entertaining easier — but if you live here, you know that already!

We’ve thrown together some quick and simple tips to help you upgrade your grill game and make the most of the sizzling summer weather. Let’s get started!

1. Simplify Your Set Up

When it comes to hosting a fantastic BBQ, you want to spend as much time soaking up the rays and making memories with your loved ones as possible. That means that you’ll need to cut down time spent on logistics, whether that’s setting up a brand-new grill ahead of time or figuring out how to handle your decorations a day or two before the party.

At Sky Condos, you can use our individual stainless-steel BBQ grills for your summer parties, which means that there’s no prep-work required — and with stunning Vegas views everywhere you look, there’s really not much need for decorations.

2. Remember to Stay Cool

Whether you love the summer or not, it’s fair to say that Nevada becomes almost unbearably hot during the warmer months of the year, and the last thing you want to worry about is your guests overheating while you watch over your steaks. Combining your BBQ with an outdoor pool party is a great way to make sure that your guests stay comfortable throughout the day.

The pool is also a fantastic way to keep kids entertained if you’re inviting youngsters to your event — they’ll be busy splashing around, and you’ll be free to focus on the food.

3. Pick Classic Recipes with an Elegant Twist

Many grillmasters love going a little over-the-top at a BBQ to show off, and Las Vegas is the perfect place for those who love to shine. A great way to explore your culinary abilities and keep hungry guests happy is to choose a few simple, classic recipes and add to them with a fresh new twist. For example, try an old favorite like grilled corn on the cob with an unexpected marinade of chili flakes and lime juice.

What about an incredible pistachio guacamole recipe to thrill the avocado-lovers at your party? All you need are six avocados, some fresh lime juice, a cup of pistachios, and some coarse salt.

4. Prep Pitcher-Perfect Drinks

There are few pairings more appealing than a BBQ and fresh summer cocktails. Whether you want to create your own signature cocktail from scratch or pick a handful of drinks you know your guests are going to love, make sure that there are plenty of icy beverages to enjoy with the burgers.

To pay homage to the lights and color of the Las Vegas strip, may we suggest a delicious Sunset Punch? All it takes is lemon, bourbon, vermouth, sugar, and ginger beer. This drink is perfect for those in search of a taste of summer, and you can always save any leftover ginger beer for the kiddos.

5. Work Up an Appetite

Want to make sure that you’re physically ready to enjoy a feast? Incorporate physical activity into the day’s agenda; perhaps challenge your friends to join you in a quick game of racquetball before you start cooking. Or, try water volleyball or another adult-oriented pool game.

If you don’t feel like exercising much before you eat, you can always make the most of the summer day by soaking up the sun and working on your tan instead.

6. Don’t Forget Dessert!

Dessert is a crucial element of any party, but you don’t want to worry about fast-melting ice cream sundaes when you’re dealing with the Nevada heat. With that in mind, why not take further advantage of your grilling skills and throw something sweet on the BBQ instead?

For example, stuff a banana with chocolate and marshmallows and make your own grilled banana s’mores. Not only is this simple dessert a delicious treat for guests of any age, but it’s also less messy than the traditional s’more, thanks to the banana skin!

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