If you’ve never lived in the desert before, you may wonder what all the fuss is about. Of all the cities that are romanticized, Las Vegas ranks highly as a vacation spot and, of course, a gambler’s paradise, all right in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

But did you know that in addition to being the mecca of entertainment, the desert also touts many health benefits for those who call it home? Here are six reasons why you could consider moving to the desert a move for your health.

1.  Sunshine’s Unlimited Vitamin D Supply

Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin to human health, and it’s found most prominently in natural sunlight. Did you know that Las Vegas averages 294 sunny days a year? That means on any given day, it’s four times more likely to be sunny than cloudy.

With a role to play in dental, eye, mental, and bone health, Vitamin D is a heavy hitter that few other climates provide year-round. It aids in calcium absorption and can actually help prevent osteoporosis, as well as reduce symptoms of depression and stress.

2. Healing Heat

The healing of wounds occurs faster in hot, arid climates. This is especially important for those that live an active lifestyle. Reduced humidity means a lessened risk of infection and bacteria growth, allowing you to get back on the field faster after grass burns, cuts, or any sort of open wound.  

3. Less People, Less Stress

Population density tends to be significantly less in desert areas, meaning less traffic and crowding, and more space for you and your loved ones. Imagine being able to take in the sunset setting and feeling like you’re the only one on the planet. You don’t have to get far from the Las Vegas Strip to find this. An added side benefit of a smaller population is improved air quality, which can make a significant health difference over long periods.

4. Support for Chronic Conditions

Many chronic health conditions are improved significantly by a warm, dry climate. This is in large part because many chronic health issues are worsened by inflammation, which can be triggered by excess moisture in the air. Those who live with arthritis are familiar with the joint pain that comes on with a rainy day. In contrast, an arid climate can reduce stiffness and swelling, improving mobility for those living with inflammation. Whether the stiffness is from something as simple as carpal tunnel or something more severe, moving to the desert may mean fewer flare-ups and more pain-free days.

5. Breathe Easy

Whether you live with asthma or are simply sensitive to mold, living in the desert can improve your quality of life significantly by simply allowing you to breathe more easily on a day-to-day basis. And while we’re on the topic of irritants, let’s not forget that in a hot climate, you are going to sweat. Goodbye toxins, hello extra focus on consistent hydration.

6. Healing for the Soul

There is plenty to be said for the healing effects of being surrounded by beauty. With breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and clear and dark skies for stargazing, nothing can compare to the beauty of desert living.

7. Access to Active Living

It goes without saying that living in the desert means endless access to breathtaking hiking, rock climbing, and other adventures. Getting an appropriate amount of exercise is one of the most important factors in healthy living, and having access to outdoor opportunities to break a sweat is one of the easiest things you can do for yourself to encourage good habits.

With so many health benefits to desert living, Las Vegas hardly deserves its moniker of Sin City. If you’re looking for a great balance of fast-paced living and a healthy lifestyle, consider making Las Vegas home.

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