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Best Condo Amenities for Summer

By | August 17th, 2017|

Life in Las Vegas is beautiful, but when summer hits and desert temperatures sometimes soar above 110 degrees, you need to find an oasis. It’s best to stay cool and surround yourself with features that [...]

5 of the Best Celebrity Chefs in Las Vegas

By | August 1st, 2017|

Las Vegas is well-known for its casinos, entertainment, and nightlife, but when you’re in Sin City, you shouldn’t forget about the phenomenal food. Living in a Sky apartment on the Las Vegas Strip gives you [...]

3 Doable Day Trips If You Live on the Strip

By | July 11th, 2017|

Traveling is a wonderful experience, but it can also add up. An American Express survey found that the average vacation in the U.S. costs $1,145 per person. It’s expensive to adventure through the states and [...]

4 Reasons Why Racquetball Is a Great Workout

By | June 5th, 2017|

Are you looking for an energizing new prospect to liven up your stagnant exercise routine? Well, look no further than racquetball. Many fitness aficionados seem to forget about the sport entirely, relying on other sports [...]