5 Best Places for Craft Beer in Las Vegas

People may not immediately associate Las Vegas with beer, but our city is becoming a mighty contender in the national craft brewing scene. A number of innovative craft breweries have been established around Las Vegas, such as the ones listed in our roundup of local brewery tours. Local events, such as the annual Downtown Brew [...]

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How Does the Legalization of Sports Betting Affect Las Vegas?

This year, the United States Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on sports gambling, allowing widespread bets to be placed for the first time across the United States. After the high court’s decision, more than 30 states are expected to implement some form of betting on sports. This places Nevada, and by natural extension, Las [...]

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6 Must-Try Las Vegas Food Experiences

Las Vegas is the place to be if you're looking for an opportunity to indulge all of your senses — although many people initially think of gambling, this city also offers exceptional live entertainment, shopping, and food experiences. Sin City is the perfect place to broaden your culinary horizons and sample a selection of food [...]

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7 Movies That Put Las Vegas on The Map

As one of the most vibrant, dynamic, and action-packed cities in the world, Las Vegas is a natural location choice for an exciting cinematic adventure. Sin City is one of the most popular places for filmmakers to choose as their backdrop, thanks to the iconic sights that the boulevard has to offer and the picturesque [...]

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8 Ways to Beat the Heat in Las Vegas

When the mercury jumps off the charts and the pavement’s literally steaming, staying cool can feel like a full-time job. A typical summer day in Vegas exceeds 100°, and that’s no joke! Fortunately, in a city this size there are countless ways to beat the heat — from cool drinks to a dip in the [...]

2018-06-26T23:00:13+00:00June 28th, 2018|Blog|

7 Ways to Get an Adrenaline Rush in Las Vegas

If you’re a thrill seeker, then Las Vegas is the right place for you: Sin City is a prime destination for adrenaline-spiking adventures both in and around the city. If you’re lucky enough to live in Las Vegas, all of these options are right at your fingertips — and you won’t have to worry about [...]

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Our 5 Favorite Cirque du Soleil Shows

With its bright lights, vibrant costumes, and breathtaking performances, Cirque du Soleil is quintessentially Vegas. This modern circus was established in 1984 by two street performers in Montreal; and since its inception, it has grown to become the largest theatrical producer in the world. At present, seven of their 20 European-inspired circuses are in Las [...]

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The Latest Update on the MSG Sphere Las Vegas

The newest Madison Square Garden Co. project in Las Vegas is a true example of how to think outside of the box. The strikingly spherical arena is breaking ground this year between The Venetian and The Palazzo on the revitalized North Strip — and its high-tech, interactive experience is something to behold. From its orb-like [...]

2018-04-10T20:39:00+00:00April 12th, 2018|Blog|

Museums You Won’t Find Anywhere But Vegas

Contrary to popular belief (and movies like The Hangover), the city of neon lights is more than a place to make bad decisions and fuzzy memories. When you look past the glitzy veneer of its many tourist traps, Las Vegas is a vibrant, artistic, and truly unique city — one that boasts a rich and [...]

2018-03-13T04:19:04+00:00March 22nd, 2018|Blog|

5 Best Las Vegas Bars for Locals

The big-name musical residencies on the Strip are one of the perks of being a Las Vegan, but the throngs of tourists bellying up to the bars outside the venue… not so much. Fortunately, as a Las Vegas local, you have plenty of off-the-Strip options where you can find good drinks and even better company [...]

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