The newest Madison Square Garden Co. project in Las Vegas is a true example of how to think outside of the box. The strikingly spherical arena is breaking ground this year between The Venetian and The Palazzo on the revitalized North Strip — and its high-tech, interactive experience is something to behold.

From its orb-like appearance to its revolutionary audio technology called “beamforming,” the futuristic MSG venue sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie — but it will be open to the public as soon as 2020.

What We Know About the MSG Sphere

It Will Be Big

The MSG Sphere will dominate the Las Vegas Strip with its size and eye-catching architecture. But just how big is it?

At 360 feet tall, it’s lower than the nearby Palazzo (at 642 feet) and the High Roller (at 550 feet), but the venue will still tower over a majority of the buildings in the area. It is 500 feet at its widest point, and the building’s unique shape will add additional character to the Las Vegas strip and skyline.

The arena will seat 18,000 people with space for an additional 5,000 for standing room. Although this isn’t quite as large as some other new facilities like the T-Mobile Arena or the Las Vegas Raiders’ stadium, the Sphere is still sizeable.

It Will Be High Tech

Even though the MSG Sphere will draw attention from its sheer size alone, the structure’s true innovation lies in its technological features. The outside of the arena will feature 190,000 feet of LED lighting to display images to external audiences. But this impressive display is dwarfed by the technology on the inside of the structure.

Inside, there will be 180,000 square feet of high-resolution screens that will span the ceiling of the sphere, creating an IMAX-like experience for attendees. Upon its completion, it will be the largest, highest resolution media display in the world.

Besides the visuals, the MSG Sphere will engage the audience members through revolutionary audio technology thanks to the Berlin startup, Holoplot. Most sound system speakers rely on spherical sound waves that hit every surface and get weaker over distance, but the planar audio waves at the MSG Sphere maintain strength over long distances, and can even be directed to specific areas. Theoretically, there could be a segment of the audience hearing the English language while a different segment of the audience hears the presentation in an entirely different language.

There will also be a section of floor that will radiate bass for an unparalleled sound experience.

It Will Be Interactive

The company says all of the high-tech design features of the MSG Sphere will make the arena perfect for interactive performances. Along with the massive visuals and futuristic sound, there will be high-speed internet at each seat. The event space allows audience members to share their experience online and to interact with the performers in real-time for a truly immersive experience.

How Will it Benefit Las Vegas?

It Will Draw Big Acts

Other venues will host major sporting events, but just about any other type of event or show is fair game for the MSG Sphere. The venue will be uniquely equipped for EDM performers and festivals due to the sound, light, and interactive technologies. Conversely, the venue can potentially host boxing and mixed martial arts competitions and even massive multiplayer video gaming competitions

It Will Draw Big Crowds

Live shows remain a popular, lucrative business: global concert ticket sales add up to $30 billion annually. There are no signs of sales slowing down, and prices are rising faster than inflation. And building an arena that caters to current music and event trends is a surefire way to cash in on that growth.

Annual attendance is anticipated to pump cash into the Las Vegas economy, and not just via ticket sales. As for employment, the MSG Sphere is looking at a $110.7 million annual payroll and a $680 million economic impact solely during the construction phase.

It Will Be the Future

The creation of the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas will be the first of many: the company has proposed to put a Sphere next to Olympic Park in London. And due to the versatility in size, The Madison Square Garden Co. is even considering a model for the home, which David Dibble, the CEO of MSG Ventures, coined as a “home dome.”

While it’s just getting off the ground, the Sphere seems to be a dynamic, economy-boosting addition to the already shining Las Vegas Strip. And you can be within proximity of the new Sphere when you’re staying in a luxury condo at Sky Condos. Contact us today and find out all about the new and exciting things the Las Vegas Strip has to offer.