Inspired by the celebrity chefs dominating our television sets, Americans are showing more interest and creativity in the way they eat. Whether you’re exploring the art of cooking in a bachelor pad or for a large family, culinary experts can shed light on the tricks of the trade. The result? Streamlined preparation, more effective techniques, and, most importantly, delicious meals.

Here at Sky, we want you to enjoy every aspect of your daily life, including your time spent preparing tasty treats. So make the most of your luxury kitchen and its wide range of amenities by trying these 4 tips used by professional chefs.

1. Sharpen Your Knives

Professionals always use sharp knives. Not only does this facilitate cutting and chopping techniques, but it also ensures greater safety in the kitchen. Dull knives cause more cooking-related accidents than anything else because they slip off food instead of cutting through it. From short serrated knives to bread knives and paring knives, it’s vital to sharpen them at least once a week and test their sharpness before every use. Show your utensils some love and respect, while protecting yourself and improving your prep skills in the meantime.

2. Get Organized

Most kitchens are not as smartly organized as they could be. Do you have drawers that are a mess of disheveled utensils, from slotted spoons to spatulas? Americans spend a total of nearly $10 billion each year on personal organization products. While this market is huge, many people only invest in the organization of their bedrooms and home offices. But organizing your kitchen will make the time spent there easier and more enjoyable. You won’t have to waste time finding what you need, and everything from prepping and cooking to cleaning will be more efficient.

3. Think Mise-en-Place

In addition to general organization in the kitchen, home chefs can benefit from having ingredients, utensils and appliances lined up before any food preparation begins. Mise-en-place is a system that allows commercial kitchens to function. The French phrase literally means to “put in place.” Many home cooks jump into recipes without any forethought, and grab the things they need as they go. But a culinary professional knows that laying out everything in advance ensures a more streamlined cooking process. Approach meal preparation with the mise-en-place mentality and you’ll notice how much more smoothly your experience is in the kitchen.

4. Invest in a Variety of Salts

Seasoning is essential for a delicious meal, but how do you know which salts to use? Is kosher salt, Fleur de Sel or table salt the best for seasoning tonight’s dinner? Chefs know when to use each type of salt in order to accentuate the other ingredients in the dish. As a rule of thumb, remember:

  • Table salt is best to season pasta water, but be careful not to over-salt the water. It’s always best to sprinkle it with care.
  • Kosher salt is great for seasoning during the cooking process and is the workhorse of restaurant kitchens.  
  • Fleur de sel contains fine, delicate crystals that work well over raw vegetables.

By having a variety of salts to choose from in your kitchen, you’ll bring out the best in whatever you’re preparing – just like a professional chef would.

Bon Appétit!

Setting up a commercial-style kitchen in your own home is easy when you know the secrets of the professionals. Chefs always work in a space that is thoughtfully organized, properly equipped, and well cared for. This allows them to cook safely and efficiently to produce the best dishes. A home chef can also achieve great results by adjusting their mentality and trying these 4 helpful tips. And once you’ve perfected your professionally-inspired kitchen, you can showcase your food with an unforgettable dinner party at your apartment.