Las Vegas may be known for its vibrant nightlife, but we’ll let you in a little secret: right now the job market is actually the hottest thing in town. Since the first quarter of 2017, Nevada has added private-sector jobs faster than any state in the country. The number of jobs grew by 3.6% in 2017 and by another 2.9% through the first half of 2018. Much of that growth is concentrated in Las Vegas itself, leading to a low unemployment rate, high demand for all types of professionals, and a bright economic outlook.

Not a bad place to live, right?

Around 1 million people are employed in the greater Las Vegas area. Lots of them work in casinos, either on the floor interacting with guests or behind the scenes in an administrative capacity. However, casino employment is hardly the only available option. Las Vegas has always been a vast and diverse city that creates opportunities for all, especially the ambitious.

These are some of the industries that are consistently growing and recruiting:

New Jobs By the Thousands

The hospitality industry is huge in Vegas, but job growth is not necessarily concentrated there. Recent data from the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation shows jobs being added in a variety of sectors:

  • Transportation and Warehousing: +3,500 jobs
  • Ambulatory Health Care Services: +3,100 jobs
  • Retail: +2,800 jobs
  • Food Service: +2,400 jobs

1. Construction

Las Vegas has grown from a patch of desert into an international metropolis at breakneck speed. The city is constantly building new homes, new towers, and new architectural wonders, which requires a lot of construction expertise. Home builders are in particularly high demand, but almost any trade professional can expect to find consistent work building the future of Las Vegas.

2. Education

Rapid population growth means Las Vegas has a ton of schools and is opening more on a regular basis. The Clark County School District is one of the area’s largest employers, and the need for K-12 teachers is always high. In response to this demand, the district is very proactive about recruiting and retaining good teachers through incentive programs.

3. Healthcare

The Las Vegas population is growing, even as long-time residents are aging. These two factors have created a huge demand for nurses, doctors, and all other healthcare professionals. With demand being high across the country, many Las Vegas employers offer bonuses or perks to attract qualified healthcare professionals to the area.

4. Shipping

Las Vegas is designated as a Foreign Trade Zone, and McCarran International Airport is one of the busiest cargo airports in the country. Massive amounts of cargo come in and out of the city on a daily basis, requiring an army of shipping professionals to keep the effort on track. Las Vegas is also a regional hub for motor freight, requiring a large number of CDL drivers.

5. Technology

Cheap rent and abundant infrastructure have led many tech companies to leave California for Las Vegas. The city is attracting both startups and major companies looking to set up back-end offices. Tech professionals of all stripes are gravitating to Las Vegas, rather than other cities where job competition and living costs are much higher.

6. Hospitality

Again, this is the largest industry in Las Vegas, and most of the city’s largest employers are hotel companies. The hospitality industry is dominant, but it’s also more diverse than people expect. Casino employees work in every role imaginable, from culinary roles to managing portfolios. Plus, Las Vegas is probably the best city in the country (or world) for certain service professionals to work.

Las Vegas has always had an attitude of, “Come one, come all!” and that invitation is more enticing than ever, thanks to the booming job market. Professionals in most industries and at every career level should expect to find exciting job opportunities and competitive compensation. This really is the land of opportunity, which means it’s the perfect place to set up residence.

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